Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I LOVE Love & Logic!!!!

What a crazy couple of weeks! My life has been turned upside down and around. My house looks like a war zone. There are children everywhere!Ha! Elisa started first grade in a new school yesterday. She said she really liked it and the teacher said she fit in like she had been there all year. What relief!!
Walker,(that's what Joaquin wants to be called)is in preschool but its been tough to get someone to call me back from the school system. From what I understand you really have to fight to get a kid in school around here. So we are just hanging out today.
Virgil is adjusting to having siblings slowly. It's really bringing out his personality. He is going to be my little firecracker! Him and Walker brawl quite frequently and it isn't always Virgil who ends up the loser!
I think it funny how the kids have no concept of the fact that he is a baby and doesn't understand like they do. To them he is their peer. Yesterday Virgil was climbing up Walker and he started elbowing him in the ribs! I told him he couldn't do that to him and Walker responded with,"But he was doing it first!!" LOL
I've really been able to put the Love and Logic stuff to work. It's great!! I love how it deflates a situation before it starts.
This morning Elisa was mad about some "terrible injustice" and started yelling at Walker to to leave her alone because she was in a bad mood. I gave her a choice of being sweet and hanging out with he rest of us or being in a bad mood on her bed. She didn't answer me so I choose for her. I sent her to her room singing "Feel free to join us when you are acting sweet!" She pouted and gave me the stink eye all the way to her room. Then she wailed for about 5 min. At ten minutes she was quiet but still not acting sweet. Unfortunately,(for her) it was time to leave for school. I sang, "Sweetie, would you like to wear your shoes to school or carry them?" she responded that she wanted to wear them. I said "OK well its time to get in the car so dad can take you to school."
She responded,"But I haven't brushed my hair yet!"
Me,"I know sweetie, but we are out of time. Have a great day at school! I love you!!" And off she went! (A little surprised but she went.)
Teaching them to make wise choices is so fun!!
Another one we are experimenting with is, "Feel free to keep any toys that you pick up!" We set the house rules the night before last. I gave them all day yesterday to pic up the toys and I'm about to make a sweep through he house to see what I find. Of course we will give them the toys back wen they do some sort of odd job to work it off. This is so fun!
Aside from all the fun we are having we are also so tired!! I can't believe we have 3 kids!! Plus we all keep passing the same sick back and forth. Yuk!!
Oh! And did I mention that I have seen "ICE AGE; Dawn of the Dinosaurs" like 15 thousand times since Sat night?? I just have to laugh! Thats all one can do right?? Either that or go stark raving mad!! Hmmmm....;)

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You are so good~! I love your attitude!